Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wed is knitting day

...but we still don't have our camera, so I'll just explain what I'm knitting and ask for suggestions. My plan was to knit a baby blanket for Afghans for Afghans for their big Mothers' Day drive. It's probably not going to happen. First- I was expecting a little more help, and second- I thought I'd get more done driving to and from the wedding. Turns out people who get carsick should not knit on the turnpike. With a hangover. So, I'm going to just knit a full-sized afghan and turn it in whenever. The question is should I continue to knit on it now? Or should I set it aside and work on my very pretty blue sweater that I probably won't be able to wear until October? Or should I go get some cotton yarn and a tank pattern?


Jeli said...

Tank! Tank! Work on the sweater in August. Until then, we can stare at the yarn and call it pretty.

I've helped plenty with that blanket! You don't think 6 rows is help?

Stepho said...

Tank tank tank. Almost instant gratification. I recommend this:

Stepho said...

Snap, the whole link didn't print. Sorry.