Thursday, March 19, 2009

Public Apology

Okay, I have to get this off my chest...

Last night, while driving home, I forgot to turn my brights off while passing another car. I didn't realize it until a minute later and I felt so guilty. I still feel guilty because I always gripe about people who don't turn their brights off (and people who don't turn their lights on in the rain and people who don't use their turn signals and people who just in general don't drive well). So, when I do those things, I feel horrible!

So, if you were driving down Russia Road last night a little after 11 and some asshole didn't turn their brights off... I apologize and I assure you that I'm not usually an asshole driver.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Job Improvements

Job update: I e-mailed my team leader to inform her of the incorrect scheduling and she replied saying she didn't so the scheduling. Interesting. I don't really know why I gave her my availability then, but hey. Why not? So, she said I needed to contact another lady. I figured I'd wait and see if it happened again before trying to find a phone number or e-mail address for her. But, this morning, she was there and said she got my e-mail... my team leader must have forwarded it to her. And the lady was very nice about it and said that my availability was wrong in the computer and she'd change it.

So, I have hope. It was a rocky start, but people have been friendlier since then. And I did better today than last time. You're supposed to scan a certain number of pieces per hour and I'm still not there, but there's definite improvement.

That said, I'm still looking. I'm not seeing an increase in hours at this job yet, so yeah. Still looking.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Question. Do you hate anyone?

I hope most people would answer no. Someone has to be pretty downright despicable to deserve to be hated. And I hope that most people don't know anyone that bad.

I hate someone. Really. I'm not just talking about anger... I am thoroughly disgusted with this person and I wish they had never entered my life, even for the short while they did. I don't like the feeling. I'm sure the hate will fade and eventually I just won't give a shit about them, but right now... hate.

Sorry. I'm a downer today.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Job Whining.

What is it with new jobs?!

When I applied, I wrote out my availability on their little form. Then, I had to confirm this with my team leader over the phone a couple weeks later. I said mornings during the week and whenever on the weekends. (Apparently they don't have a lot of Saturday morning stores, so they pretty much forced me to be available at night on weekends.

I got my new schedule today... I have 2 stores. Monday at 5 AM and Monday at 10 PM. Same day. I really don't mind this- the approximate time for each store is about 4 hours, so it's not a big deal. But I said mornings during the week! Why do they go through the trouble of asking and confirming if they're going to ignore it?!

I'm losing faith in this job, but I have no choice but to stick with it and hope it gets better. It's very frustrating because I would like the actual job, if only the people were nicer and more on top of things. Urgh.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working Gal

I had my first day of work on Sunday. The actual work wasn't so bad... I actually kind of liked it. But, it was still kind of a crappy first day. And here's why...

-Not a single person introduced themselves or asked me what my name was.
-There was about a month between my day of training and my first day.
-My superior (still don't know who she was) was not terribly eager to help me when I needed it.
-I forgot my belt thingy and a pen and had to borrow these things.
-3 hours of sleep.

But the good news is that I like the work, so once I get the hang of it, everything should be just dandy. Other good news: I only had to work about 3 hours because we got done early.

Non-knitters, you can stop reading now.

I'm almost done with my first not-shit baby sweater! I believe it will be done in time to take it to knitting Thursday. It is adorable. Not perfect by any means, but still adorable.

And now I'm ready to tackle a full sized sweater. I have picked out a pattern (Wicked) and a yarn (Cascade 220) and I will begin as soon as I get some money. I'm expecting money from 3 different sources (tax refund, Wii, person who owes me money) and when the first arrives, I shall treat myself to the yarn and pattern. I think it'll only cost about $40. Not bad, eh?