Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Slightly Intoxicated.

I have had several glasses of wine, so please excuse any lack of fluidity in this post. Like that sentence right there.

Jenny and I have been planning our weddings. One thing has become apparent to me. I need bridesmaids. I have a maid of honor and that's about it. Maybe I'll make Jenny walk down the aisle, then run back and walk down the aisle again, and so on until all of the groomsmen are done. Also, possibly more importantly, I should work on the groom part of it.

I'm looking forward to seeing Godspell at Midview this weekend. A thought occured to me (months after hearing that they were doing it again). Maybe there will be more than one dude in this one. That would be strange. A male Judas? What?!

I love when my father is here because we play euchre every night. It is my most favorite thing ever. I tried to teach them 31, but it's much less fun when you're not playing for articles of clothing. Also, I'm a horrible teacher. I tend to leave out important details.

My father asked me a question today. Who would I do? Tom Hanks or Leonardo DiCaprio? I had a huge crush on Leo 10 years ago, but today I would much rather do Tom. It makes me sad. I miss the days of obsession. I suppose I still obsess, but not to that extent. I'm not sure if Leo was my biggest crush or JC from 'N Sync. Ah, good times.



joe said...

31 isn't hard to explain.

Object: get as close to 31 as you can (following blackjack rules for points), all the same suit. When you think you are close enough, knock on the table. Everyone else gets one more turn. Then, show the cards.

Strip version: loser loses an article of clothing.

Multi-person strip version: lowest point total loses an article of clothing. In case of a tie, all lowest lose clothing.

Jeli said...

31 moves too fast without the stripping.

My big 'N Sync crush was Lance. How do you think I feel?

Jeli said...

The same way you feel after every break up you've ever had?