Thursday, September 25, 2008

My life, a summary.

Still no job. I've been up for a job for about a month but there have been complications and delays like whoa, so I have no hopes up. I've put in more applications... It's hard to even make an effort anymore. But, since I kind of have to, I'll keep on trying. Pat always suggests I try Fantasy Land in Tiffin. I could do some dancing...

I made a trip up to the yarn store in Perrysburg Tuesday night. They have a knit night on Tuesdays and I figured I'd go check it out. Well, I got up there about an hour after I left (did you know you're supposed to look up directions before you leave and not call your sister from the road, asking her to look them up for you?) and when I arrived, I found what looked to be about 30 ladies crammed onto the porch of the place. I was terrified. After several panicked calls to Jenny, I made my way up. I didn't stay to knit, just shopped. But I had to walk through the sea of knitting women to get in, so I'm proud. The store was awesome and I bought some very nice yarn. And I plan to go back for the knit night. But not this Tuesday. Guess why. No, guess.

Anniversary! Yay! (I'm allowed to get excited - it's a wonder we haven't smacked each other to death.)


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