Monday, August 18, 2008

Knitting update

I finished my Browns socks. They're baggy and don't fit perfectly and are already starting to pill after 2 wearings and one washing, but I finished a pair of socks and none of that can bring me down, damn it!

I have also started a baby sweater. I wanted to knit a sweater, but didn't want to commit to an actual adult sweater. I have a baby in mind to gift it unto should it turn out wearable. I have the front and back done and am almost done with one sleeve. Oh, and I totally don't trust the pattern. There are a couple of places where it makes NO sense. Like, it tells me to finish the sleeve at 6". But, that makes it like half the length of the sweater. It looks ridiculous. So, I'm making it longer. Sleeves are roll-upable. I don't want to give a boy baby a 3/4 sleeve sweater. That's mean.

Lastly, I bought the most beautiful yarn in Dublin a couple of weeks ago and I need to figure out what to do with it. It's variegated with bold shades of green and purple. I'm not in a rush because it has to be perfect, but I do peek in at it daily and sigh. I want to knit it. I want to see what it turns into.


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