Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working Gal

I had my first day of work on Sunday. The actual work wasn't so bad... I actually kind of liked it. But, it was still kind of a crappy first day. And here's why...

-Not a single person introduced themselves or asked me what my name was.
-There was about a month between my day of training and my first day.
-My superior (still don't know who she was) was not terribly eager to help me when I needed it.
-I forgot my belt thingy and a pen and had to borrow these things.
-3 hours of sleep.

But the good news is that I like the work, so once I get the hang of it, everything should be just dandy. Other good news: I only had to work about 3 hours because we got done early.

Non-knitters, you can stop reading now.

I'm almost done with my first not-shit baby sweater! I believe it will be done in time to take it to knitting Thursday. It is adorable. Not perfect by any means, but still adorable.

And now I'm ready to tackle a full sized sweater. I have picked out a pattern (Wicked) and a yarn (Cascade 220) and I will begin as soon as I get some money. I'm expecting money from 3 different sources (tax refund, Wii, person who owes me money) and when the first arrives, I shall treat myself to the yarn and pattern. I think it'll only cost about $40. Not bad, eh?


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I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Keep at it, Eh?! Work can get you down, but try to go there with the attitude that I try to keep in mind: I am helping people by doing this.