Monday, March 16, 2009

Job Improvements

Job update: I e-mailed my team leader to inform her of the incorrect scheduling and she replied saying she didn't so the scheduling. Interesting. I don't really know why I gave her my availability then, but hey. Why not? So, she said I needed to contact another lady. I figured I'd wait and see if it happened again before trying to find a phone number or e-mail address for her. But, this morning, she was there and said she got my e-mail... my team leader must have forwarded it to her. And the lady was very nice about it and said that my availability was wrong in the computer and she'd change it.

So, I have hope. It was a rocky start, but people have been friendlier since then. And I did better today than last time. You're supposed to scan a certain number of pieces per hour and I'm still not there, but there's definite improvement.

That said, I'm still looking. I'm not seeing an increase in hours at this job yet, so yeah. Still looking.


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