Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goals and Such

Today's goals:
-Clean like a beast. (Have started but not gotten far.)
-Some light grocery shopping. (Check, but also went to Kohls and bought clothes and candles. Not so good.)
-Make Shepherd's Pie. (Will be done later. Fingers are crossed.)
-Get prescription filled. (I am a lazy whore and have put this off for way too long. Too late now, but it goes on tomorrow's list.)

As I was going through my clothes today, I realized just how much crap I have. I am seriously not buying another piece of clothing for the next 6 months. Exceptions: Bras and a winter coat. I actually need those.

Halloween is approaching. Some friends of mine want to go out, but what do twenty-somethings do on Halloween? Just hope someone has a party? Anyone want to host a party? Jenny, this is why you need to buy a house.


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