Saturday, August 4, 2007

Jen Posts!

Aliwatching Update: Those fingerless gloves still look a lot like they did last Tuesday. But the Secret Knitting is actually becoming something. V. exciting.

Our ghost picture is now up on the Learned Owl web site and I'm pretty happy. Sure, it's weird to be grown women revealed as obsessed loonies to the whole of the internets. But at least Ali doesn't look super tired in this picture.

I'll have benefits soon, which means I should go to various doctors and get poked and prodded. And I don't want to! Wah!

Skip is being adorable lately (is he up to something? is this about anal sex again?) and it reminded me of my old plan to post an 'If I Had A Boyfriend' every week. I still have the list I made before I was rudely interupted by actually getting a boyfriend. Any of these make the top of your lists?

1.He would take the cat to be put down
2.We would badroom dance to supermarket music
3.He’d always sit on my toes
4.He’d love wearing sweaters that are slightly tight and very lopsided
5.Unbrushed hair would be his biggest turn on
6.I’d get old books for gifts on every holiday.
7.He’d practice The Look as often as I practice getting dressed up and slowly walking down stairs.
8.We’d vacation. A lot.
9.He’d hold my coat and bring me drinks while I get down with my bad self.
10.We’d rent Rome (the HBO series) and act parts of it out in private.
11.He’d learn the boy parts to musicals and sing with me in the car.
12.He’d really like driving.
13.We’d play strip Trivial Pursuit and I’d always win. Twice.
14.He’d dress up like Santa Claus every now and then.
15.He’d help clean gutters at the church.
16.We’d do house repairs together. I’d wear a tool belt.
17.He’d leave me alone during Grey’s Anatomy.
18.He’d email me a joke every day. Because I’m needy.
19.He’d never watch me brush my teeth or expect me to watch him.