Friday, April 27, 2007

I am stupid.

I have lost my paycheck. In the years I've been working, I have never lost a check. I put it in a bag of clothes I had to return and I'm relatively sure it is now in the trash at that store. But they say they don't have it. Who knows. Maybe it fell out in the parking lot. Anyway, I'm super happy because it has all of my information, including my social security number. Yay for identity theft!


Edit: The paycheck has been located. I put it in a different bag. I'm really not very bright.


Stepho said...

Maybe you can still CLAIM identity theft next time you get your credit card statement. "$100 on eyelash yarn? Well I didn't make THAT purchase!"

Jeli said...

Oh, Steph. We all know I spend much more on wool than eyelash. But, it's an intriguing thought nevertheless.

Jeli said...

I miss eyelash yarn. So soft. So tickly. -Jenny