Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Herpes-free is also assumed

Tuesday shall be 'If I Had a Boyfriend Day', because we don't have our camera yet and that will make 'Look at What I'm Knitting Day' a wee bit more difficult.

(Note on 'If I Had a Boyfriend': These statements describe the ideal boyfriend. I don't want to hear your horror stories about what boyfriends are like in reality. No one needs that.)

If I had a boyfriend: He would know never to bring flowers, but he might come over with a potted herb every now and then.

-Jenny Bean


joe said...

Interesting thought process. But, I must ask: you want an herb or some "herb"?

Jeli said...

Jenny, we talked about using Arial. I remember using the word "important". Any recollection?

joe said...

Font helps differentiate between sisters, in case someone forgets to sign their name to a post, like the one posted after this one.

Jeli said...

Like you can't tell the difference.