Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cooking, Work, Wedding

I wish that potted herb was basil because I ran out tonight making pasta sauce. I tried the gorgonzola cream sauce and it smells a bit rank. Maybe I still don't like blue cheese. I thought my tastes had matured enough for it. The rankness could also be the wine I used, which was certainly not a high quality wine, but it didn't look shady by any means. Hmm. I have yet to taste it. The tomato basil is cooking away now, so I will taste both when that's done.

Everyone who shopped at Michaels today had a return. I'm sick of the damn returns. Also, everyone wants to ring their shit up in seperate transactions which ruins my front end effectiveness. You don't have to understand this, just understand that it is a bad thing. Oh, also, every pregnant woman in the Northeastern Ohio area went to Michaels today. I swear, there were thousands.

Laura's wedding is Saturday and I still don't have an outfit. I think that's tomorrow night's project. Tonight's project is wrapping the present and making the card. I got some super cute stickers/embellishments for the card and I imagine that it will be beautiful. Yay!

The rain is messing up my take-lots-of-walks plan. It's irritating.


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